Meigs County-Decatur Cahmber of Commerce



Government offices for Meigs County are located in downtown Decatur. The county is governed by a Mayor and county commission.


The City of Decatur operates under a City Mayor and Board of Alderman. City offices are located in City Hall.


City Mayor The City Mayor of Decatur, elected to a four-year term, oversees the operation of city departments and day-to-day operations of the city. Phone 423-334-5716
Board of Alderman The six-member legislative body of Decatur, each member serves a four-year term and serves as overseer of either the water, wastewater, police, fire, streets, or parks department. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at City Hall. Contact them via the office of the City Mayor.
City Recorder The City Recorder serves as chief financial officer of the city of Decatur and the treasurer of city funds. Phone 423-334-5716
County Mayor The County Mayor, elected to a four-year term, oversees the operation of general fund departments and day-to-day operations of the courthouse. Phone 423-334-5850
County Commission The County Commission serves as the legislative body and sets county resolutions and policies. The Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Courthouse. Commissioners serve the various districts of the county and are elected to four-year terms. Contact them via the office of the County Mayor.
County Clerk The County Clerk's duties include issuing vehicle registration and renewals, boat registration, marriage license, notary bonds, beer bonds, and permits. The Clerk also keeps minutes of the County Commission and Beer Board meetings and the records of county business and beer taxes. Phone 423-334-5747
Election Commission The Election Commission and Administrator of Elections are responsible for voter registration and conducting elections. Commission members are recommended by local legislators and appointed to two-year terms by the state Election Commission. Phone 423-334-5866
Register of Deeds The Register of Deeds office records the following documents: Warranty Deeds, Trust Deeds, Court Ordered Judgements, IRS liens, Power of Attorneys, UCC's, Charters, Right of Ways, Divorce Decrees, Wills,Military Discharges, Leases, Subdvision, Plats, Restrictions, Greenbelts, Assignments, and Notice of Completions
Trustee The Trustee collects property taxes and handles all funds for office holders including the Highway Department and the school system. This position is elected to a four-year term. Phone 423-334-5119
Assessor of Property The Assessor of Property appraises each piece of property as to value and changes ownership names when deeds are recorded to new owners. This office also makes additions to tax rolls for any new construction and prepares a tax roll for officials in Nashville and for the Trustee's office. The Tax Assessor is elected to a four-year term. Phone 423-334-5231
Purchase and Finance Commission The Purchase and Finance Commission serves as the purchasing agency for the county offices and the Highway Department. This agency is also responsible for maintaining financial records and manages the budget. Commissioners are elected to six-year terms. Phone 423-334-5846
Highway Department This department builds and maintains county roads and bridges. The Commissioner, the head of the department, is elected to a four-year term. Phone 423-334-5157
Sheriff This office oversees law enforcement and jail operations. The Sheriff is elected to four-year terms. Phone 423-334-3163 or 334-5268
Judges Judges in Meigs County hear criminal cases, civil lawsuits, and jury trials.Sessions Court, a small claims court, hears misdemeanor criminal cases, domestic cases, and probable cause hearings for felony cases. Chancery Court hears non-jury equity cases. Judges are elected for eight-year terms. Phone 423-334-5243
Circuit Court Clerk The Circuit Court Clerk handles the daily affairs of the local judicial system including record-keeping for circuit, sessions, criminal, and juvenile courts. The office is also responsible for filing all warrants and subpoenas and collects child support payments. The Circuit Court Clerk is elected to a four-year term. Phone 423-334-5821
Clerk and Master The Clerk and Master coordinates Chancery Court, Domestic Relations Court, and Probate Court. This position is appointed by the Chancellor and serves a six-year term. Phone 423-334-5243
Veterans Affairs The Veterans Affairs Officer assists Meigs County veterans and their families obtain state and federal benefits. The position is appointed by the County Executive. Phone 423-334-1631
Meigs County Tax Rates and Other Assessments
Property tax rate - Meigs County $1.8726 per $100 of assessed value
Property tax rate - Decatur $.3929 per $100 of assessed value
Residential and farm property is taxed at 25% of the current appraised value; commercial and industrial property is taxed at 40% of the current appraised value; utility property is taxed at 55% of the current assessed value
Sales tax rate 9% on most items (7% state and 2% local)
Non-prepared food items - 8% (6% state and 2% local)
Registration and title of recently purchased vehicle $34.50 ($5 title fee, $8 issuance fee and $21.50 plate fee)
Sales tax from the purchase of vehicles and boats 7% state tax, plus 2% for every purchase up to $1,600 AND 2.75% for purchase price exceeding $1,600
Commercial vehicle tags Call 423-334-5747
Transfer of vehicle plate and tag $14.50
Renewal vehicle tag $24.00
Meigs County-Decatur Chamber of Commerce
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